The challenge is simple: you have a dance competition you need to run. We make the solution simple as well. We provide all of the tools you need to run a competition, from registering competitors and setting up events to on deck check-in and managing callbacks the day of. By providing hardware and software to suit your needs, we make it easy to run a competition in a way that saves effort for organizers, competitors, and judges, while providing the flexibility to run your competition the way you want.

Upcoming Comps

OKC Dreamcatcher Dancesport Championships
July 23-24, 2021
Oklahoma City, OK
The 30th Annual OSU DanceSport Classic
September 11, 2021
Columbus, OH

Recent Comps

Charlotte Star Ball 2021
April 16-18, 2021
Atlanta, GA
Digital Dancesport Challenge
March 26 - April 18, 2021
USA Dance National Collegiate DanceSport Championships
March 17 - April 14, 2021
Volga Cup
March 13, 2021
Atlanta, GA
U Dance Fest
February 20 - March 6, 2021
Helluva Dance Comp 2021
February 12-21, 2021
Atlanta DanceSport Cup Virtual Edition
January 31 - February 13, 2021
Atlanta DanceSport Cup
January 23, 2021
Atlanta, GA
Digital Collegiate Dancesport Challenge
October 30 - November 22, 2020
MN Ballroom Blast
October 31, 2020